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Filling for SSDI or SSI Disability Benefit in Wilmington, IL

The Social Security Administration (SSA) acts as a national body which heads SSDI and SSI programs in each state. Each state follows the typical process of an SSDI and SSI application. However, states also require additional information in order to get approved for these benefits.

The attorneys at Hanson & Fisher Law Offices are excellent at helping people in getting disability benefits without any hassle. Our attorneys know all the norms followed by the Social security Administration to approve benefits.

The following consists of important information regarding SSDI and SSI.

SSI- Wilmington’s State Supplement

The Federal Government aids the SSI program. But Wilmington, IL offers to pay their SSI recipients an additional monthly amount. The state of Illinois where Wilmington, IL is the biggest city, offers additional compensation to SSI recipients.

It is paid to those who are living in certified adult residential care facilities, assisted living, or in an adult foster care home. For example, individuals drawing SSI of $771 per month will additionally receive $140. Couples receiving SSI of $1,157 per month are eligible to receive an additional amount of $448 per month.

However, the monthly payment of SSI amount can be deducted if an individual has a job or earns beyond the income limit under SSI regulations. The SSA keeps a track of the State allowance in Wilmington, IL. If you have any questions related to the state allowance concerning SSI, you can contact the Wilmington Social Security Office.

SSD Statistics for Wilmington, IL

The rate of approvals for Social Security benefits in Wilmington, IL is higher than that of the national average. This means if you are a resident of Wilmington IL, your chance of getting approved for disability benefits is higher.

However, if you are denied the disability benefit the first time around, do not hesitate to re-apply. The wait time for a rehearing of your case will be comparatively higher than that of other states. The reason being that there is only one hearing office in Wilmington, IL.

Fortunately, your chance of getting approved for disability benefits increases if you hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer Wilmington, IL residents use.

Our SSD Office in Wilmington, IL

The Disability Determination Service (DDS) office of Wilmington, IL is a state agency that is responsible for judging your physical or mental impairments. They will carry out the process with the help of medical records given to them by the applicant.

After filing your SSD case at the Social Security office in Wilmington IL, you can inquire about any other issue or questions at the DDS office.

Our address is listed below

20 West Basin Road, Suite 300 New Castle

Mail: PO Box 15711

Wilmington, IL 60481

(302) 324-7600

Address of the Office of Hearings Operations

Dover Hearing Office

500 West Loockerman St., Suite 200

Dover, IL 61323

(877) 405-3671

You can connect with our Social Security attorney to know complete details. We have experience in handling complex disability cases.

Disability Vocational Rehabilitation: The Disability Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) office at Wilmington, IL helps you to get back to work after your disability, or it can encourage you to continue working following a disability. To satisfy such services of DVR, get a reference from your physician, psychotherapist, or call the DVR office for help.

On confirmation, you will meet with a counselor who will talk with you to know more about your condition. They will determine whether you are fit for DVR programs. Wilmington, IL DVR follows an “Order of Selection.” This means that the candidates who are more deserving in terms of financial limitations will be offered opportunities at first. At times, due to a long list of applicants with more significant disabilities and low financial abilities, those with less severe disabilities are at a disadvantage.

Medical Record Fees – In Wilmington, IL, there is a limit set by the state on how much a person can be charged to get a copy of their medical records. Applicants of SSD benefits seeking medical records from their physicians or hospitals also must pay a fee.

For up to 10 pages, an individual can be charged a maximum of $2 per page. For 11 to 20 pages, they can be charged a maximum of $1 per page. While opting for copies consisting of 21 to 60 pages, they can be charged a maximum of $0.90 per page. If an individual demands 61 and above pages of medical records, they can be charged a maximum amount of $.50 per page.

However, additional charges can be applied for materials that cannot be photocopied, such as an X-ray report. Your medical practitioner or hospital can ask for the full cost to prepare another copy of such reports.

How Can An Experienced Attorney Help?

An experienced attorney can help you in many ways. Their experience over the years dealing with similar cases will greatly help you. Especially in cases of reapplications of your SSDI benefit. A seasoned SSD Lawyer Wilmington, IL residents trust can be the best person to help you with this.

Hanson & Fisher Law offices in Wilmington, IL have helped many applicants proceed with their SSD application process. There are set guidelines as to how you can apply for SSDI or SSI benefits.
A list of ailments can be found in the SSA provided blue book. You can still win an SSD benefit if your disability is not listed there. It can only happen if you are backed by an experienced lawyer who has dealt with such cases before.

A lawyer is the best person to help you with the documentation process. They are aware of all the required documents needed in regard to medical records, education proof, employment history, and more.
You may have other queries related to your SSD application. You can directly connect with a highly reputed SSD Attorney Wilmington, IL residents trust, and discuss your case. You can call and book an appointment with a lawyer. Contact us online or call us and your first consultation will be free of cost.


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