List Of Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

We have regular hours daily, five days a week, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Appointments at other times, evening or weekend, can be made by special appointment. We recommend that you call for an appointment, whether during regular business hours or at other times.

What is your initial interview policy?

We offer an initial interview of up to an hour’s time. If you do not hire us, there is no charge for our time. If we are hired, the time will be recorded and charged at our hourly or included in any set fees agreed upon by you and us.

Where are you located?

We are located in Suite 304 of the Morris Business and Technology Center, 1802 North Division Street ( Illinois Route 47) in Morris, Illinois. The building is on the west side of the street, two buildings north of the stop light at the Division Street/George Street intersection. There is a large parking lot on the south side of our building. To reach the office, park in the south lot and enter the building through Door 1 on the north side of the parking lot. Our office is half way through the building, on the right side of the brick atrium area.

In what geographic areas do you practice?

We practice primarily in the state courts of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, which is comprised of Grundy, LaSalle and Bureau Counties. We occasionally take cases in Will, Kendall or Livingston Counties, but are more likely to refer to practitioners whose practice is located there. The exception to the above is Social Security cases, which are governed by Federal law. Our practice area for Social Security Disability cases is Illinois, with the exception of Cook County.

Should I submit a new application by myself before hiring representation?

No, please contact our attorneys at Hanson and Fisher to discuss the theory or theories of your case as those have a significant impact on how a new disability application is presented and structured. Our attorneys will highlight aspects of your case that will be persuasive or dispositive of the essential facts you need to win.

Is there any upfront cost for disability representation?

No, our fee is structured so you pay nothing unless you are awarded benefits. This ensures we are in your corner fighting for your rights. At that time, social security will pay us the lesser of: 1) 25% of your past-due benefits, or 2) $6,000. If we need to appeal your case all the way to federal court in order to obtain your benefits, the fee is 25% of past-due benefits because this can be a very work-intensive and lengthy process (please see the SSA waterfall chart below for the phases of the application process).

Should I expect a quick decision on my case?

The short answer is no; unless you have a very severe condition that falls under SSA’s Compassionate Allowance List or you are a veteran found 100% totally and permanently disabled by the Veteran’s Administration.

In 2018, only 35% of initial applications were approved and applicants generally receive a decision in 90-120 days. On your first appeal, called the Request for Reconsideration, only 13% of applicants were approved in 2018. On your second appeal, called a Request for Hearing, only 45% of applicants were approved in 2018. Please see below for SSA’s published Fiscal Year 2018 Disability Decision Data:

Fiscal Year 2018 Disability Decision Data


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