Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Are you wondering how to apply for SSDI in Minooka, IL, or the surrounding area?

If you are suffering from a medical condition that leaves you unable to work and earn a livable income, you may be eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. We recommend using experienced disability lawyers in Illinois to help you with your SSDI claims.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

As a disability applicant, you have several options on how to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance.

You do have the option to apply on your own by calling or visiting your local Social Security office. Or, you can complete the application online if you meet certain criteria.

However, the application process is highly detailed and confusing at times, which is why it’s in your best interest to hire a social security disability lawyer. The attorneys at Hanson & Fisher Law Offices have the knowledge and experience to help you through the claims process and get the benefits you deserve.

What Information Will You Need to Provide

When applying to receive benefits, you will need to provide the SSA with certain information, including:

  • Basic information about yourself (date of birth, social security number, etc.)
  • Your full work history and educational background
  • Any medical conditions and treatment received

It is of extreme importance that you get medical treatment and a diagnosis for any conditions that affect your ability to function. No matter how sick or disabled you are, you will need to provide medical evidence of your condition in order to be approved for social security disability benefits.

Working with an experienced social security disability attorney will help when it comes to putting together all of your information and filling out the necessary multiple forms correctly.

If you’re considering applying for benefits, contact our law office today at (815) 942-6700 for a free consultation.

How Long Does it Take to be Approved

The Social Security Administration can take a long time to process your SSDI claim, anywhere from 3-6 months if you return documents to them in a timely manner.

The SSA does fast-track the process for diseases or conditions that clearly meet their standards for disability benefits. Examples of these include but are not limited to, leukemia, ALS, and pancreatic cancer.

At Hanson & Fisher, we are with you every step of the way through the claims process. We work hard to get you the maximum benefits possible.

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We want to help you navigate the difficult process of filing for Social Security Disability Insurance. We will help with all stages of your claim to help you maximize your chance of success.

If you have already filed and been denied, don’t worry, we will work with you on the appeals process to find any errors in your application that may have caused your denial. Contact us today to get started!

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