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Do you think Social Security is just for retired people? It’s not. In fact, social security helps many people aside from retirees. Social security benefits can provide safety and security when you need it most. We all face risks and dangers. Fortunately, social security can be there to help.


Most people think of Social Security as a monthly check. Truth be told, this is only part of it. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a large federal agency. It doesn’t just help people who have reached retirement age. The agency also offers benefits to those who are poor and disabled.


If you are struggling in Peoria, you may be eligible for social security. There are many reasons to apply. However, you may need help. The SSA is tough. Applying for social security can be hard. It can take a very long time.


This is why you need the Social Security Disability Attorney Peoria IL trusts. A top attorney can help you get approved. A sound lawyer will also help you appeal, if denied. Research shows that the majority of first applications are denied. Many people are confused by the process.


You need to have a work history. You need to have paid into the system. You also need to meet other important criteria. Qualifying for social security is rarely easy. If you have questions or concerns, seek an expert. A top social security lawyer understands.


Benefits of Social Security Peoria IL


Again, people take social security for many reasons. Some people need benefits as soon as they hit retirement age. Other people wait till age 70 or older. Some people get social security for disability or poverty. Some people are blind and unable to work. Social security helps with many issues.


If you are disabled, you should apply to a specific program. A common program is called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The applicant should pass two earnings tests to qualify for these benefits. You will need to pass a “recency work” test. You will also need to pass a “duration of work” test. You can only get SSDI if you have a qualified work history.


If you are older and need social security for retirement, be careful. You should fully consider the following:


Scalable benefits


You can get social security as soon as age 62. However, people who wait until the age of 70 get more benefits. This structure allows the individual to choose an arrangement that is most suitable. Contact your Social Security Office Peoria IL location for more info.


Important Ages

  • 62: This is when you first qualify for retirement social security benefits.
  • 65: At this age, you are now qualified for Medicare.
  • Full retirement age (FRA). This is when you can receive 100% of benefits. This age is based on your date of birth.
  • 70: At this age, the Social Security Administration will stop increasing your benefits. You may receive up to 132% of benefits.


People Ineligible To Receive Social Security Benefits

  • Workers without enough Social Security credits
  • Workers who die before age 62
  • Certain divorced spouses
  • People retiring in specific foreign countries
  • Specific legal immigrants
  • Government employees under specific criteria
  • Self-employed tax evaders
  • Certain immigrants over age 65
  • People who don’t work often in the U.S.


To learn if you are eligible, you can dial the Peoria Social Security Office Number today. However, you should first contact Hanson & Fisher Law Offices at (815) 942-6700. Get your free consultation right away. We can help you with all aspects of social security law. We know all the legal advantages. We also know how to successfully apply and appeal.


Hanson & Fisher Law Office has a skilled team of social security attorneys. We can help every step of the way. Make your application the best it can be. Get the benefits you need and deserve. Contact us today.




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