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The social security system is rarely easy. If you need benefits, you need to prove it. You need to show that you are in need. Many people apply for social security. However, only some applicants actually get approved. When you apply for social security, get ready.

Most applications are not approved. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will assess every case. Some people apply for social security disability. Other people apply for supplemental security income. Some people are disabled. Others are poor and unable to work.

Again, every case is different.

If your application is denied, there may be many reasons. Some forms are not filled out properly. Sometimes, people make mistakes. Some applicants don’t give enough information. Your work and medical info. must be complete. If you are missing something, the SSA may deny you.

After the SSA Denies You

Denials for social security can be hard. You may be confused. You may be angry. You may wonder what you did wrong. If you feel lost, you need help. Contact a top social security lawyer you can trust. Many people in Peoria IL get denied every day.

You’re not alone.

If you believe the SSA has made a mistake, you have options. In fact, you have the right to appeal any decision Social Security makes. If you think that the SSA has made a wrong decision, a social security attorney can help.

Why You Need an ALJ Hearing Lawyer in Peoria IL

The first thing you can do is to appeal through a “reconsideration determination.” This is a decision made by someone new. You will receive a letter about this new decision. If your benefits are still denied, you may go before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Once you contact the SSA about a hearing, you will have to wait. You will receive a notice 20 days before the hearing. This will tell you when and where.

During the ALJ hearing, you can have witnesses. You and your lawyer can question them. You can also submit more work and medical evidence. The ALJ   may even call in experts, like doctors.

Overall, the ALJ hearing is an important step in the appeals process. However, it is not the final step. If you want to improve your chances of approval, you need a lawyer. Contact the experts of Hanson and Fisher Law Offices today.



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