Do I Need to Tell My Doctor I’m Filing for Disability?

If you’re considering applying for Social Security disability benefits in Illinois, have you considered whether or not your doctor needs to know? With so much general information online about Social Security disability law, you may feel overwhelmed with how to build your case to ensure you receive benefits.

Your Doctor Can Help Your Case

Our disability attorney in Morris, Illinois always recommends that you tell your doctor you’ll be applying for disability benefits. Why is this important? Being open with your doctor about your medical condition can make it easier for them to present the right medical evidence to support your case.

After all, one of the biggest red flags in the eyes of the Social Security Administration is not having a sufficient amount of evidence to prove your disability.

What You Can Do to Prepare

It is in your best interest to schedule your doctor’s appointment before you apply for disability benefits. This gives you an opportunity to talk with your doctor about your condition and allows them to help prepare the right evidence on your behalf.

Before you go into the doctor, be sure to write down all of your specific medical conditions on a piece of paper. You can even jot down the time of day that you are feeling a certain way. The more information that you can document, the better. Be sure to document any limitations that you’re experiencing as well, as this will shed light on why you’re in need of disability benefits.

In many cases, your doctor may be willing to complete documents and/or write a letter on your behalf for your attorney to submit to the Social Security Administration. Our attorneys will discuss what documentation is best for your specific situation so we can help maximize your probability of success.

How a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

In addition to speaking with your doctor, we also recommend that you get in touch with our Social Security disability lawyers. We can help you put together your case and improve your chances of becoming approved. Get in touch with our law office today!

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