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Social Security is a federal program that provides people income and health insurance. People who qualify may be retired, disabled and poor. These programs are usually funded by social security taxes. These taxes are collected through a person’s work history.

Almost everyone pays into social security. When you pay into it, you are preparing for the future. Later in your life, you may be able to get benefits. Benefits help families. They help people who are struggling to work. They help people with terrible disabilities.

Social security benefits and income are very powerful. Without these benefits, some people simply cannot live. The Social Security Administration (SSA) makes these benefits possible. The SSA is a large federal agency. It helps people all across the country.

It delivers benefits based on criteria. In many cases, the criteria are very strict. Not everyone will receive benefits and income. The amounts for benefits may vary.

Federal benefits are a form of monthly cash payments. These help people fulfil their basic needs for a decent living. If a person younger than 65 becomes disabled, he or she may get disability benefits. Such benefits are awarded for disease, injury and other reasons.


Primary Factors That Affect Social Security Benefits

Again, the SSA will consider many factors. Your age is important. Your work history is important. Facts about your family are important. Your medical history can be very important. In order to get certain benefits, you need certain information.

It is important that you have the paperwork you need. A legal expert can help you get the information the SSA demands.

Certain factors affect your benefits amounts.

Number Of Years You Paid While Working

These are the years you paid into Social Security Evanston taxes. Your social security may be reduced if you missed work. It all depends on your income. Social security will give you benefits every month that you can spend. This helps many elderly people.

Your Earnings History

To get social security benefits, you need to earn 40 credits. This is the same as ten years of work. Your benefit amount is based on your lifetime earnings. There is a correlation between high monthly income and high earnings. A Disability Lawyer Evanston expert can help. If you qualify, contact a lawyer. This way, you can get the full benefits you deserve.

Your Retirement Age

If you take benefits at an early age, you will get less money. Your monthly social    security income will be lower. Your full retirement age (FRA) is when you receive 100% of benefits. This is based on the year you were born.

If you take benefits at age 70, you will receive an even higher percentage. The Hanson & Fisher Law Offices can help provide all the information you need.

Why You Should Take Your Social Security Benefits At 70

You can start collecting from the age of 62 to the age of 70. Again, if you want to get more benefits, you should start at age 70. Your monthly amount will increase. After the age of 70, the amount does not increase. A specific portion of your benefits may also be taxable. However, they are only taxable if you earn over a certain amount.

Here are two good reasons to delay taking benefits:

Collect More Money

Again, every person has a full retirement age (FRA). Some people reach this age at 66. Other people don’t hit FRA until age 67. You can use a social security calculator to find your FRA. You can also call the Evanston Social Security Office Phone Number to get more information. If you start taking benefits at age 62, the amount will be reduced.

Spousal Benefits

If you are at least 62 years of age, you may be able to get spouse benefits. However, your spouse must be receiving retirement or disability benefits. You and your spouse should delay as long as possible.

If your spouse dies, you may be covered too. The Social Security Survivor’s Insurance program helps with this. Your payout will range from 71% to 99% of your dead spouse’s full benefits.

Special Situations To Consider

The age when you start getting benefits may vary. Your decision will depend on your needs. Everyone has a different vision for retirement. Life circumstances are different. Values are different. You may have a bad health condition. You may be unable to work or earn a living.

If this happens, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may label you disabled. Your condition must be severe. It must also prevent you from doing your job.

Here are a few factors the SSA considers:

  • Your employment:  If you are still earning after the age of 62, try to delay Social Security income.
  • Your tax liability: People who are still earning may have to pay a significant income tax. This depends on how much you earn every month. Your Social Security Office Evanston location can help. Call your office for important information.
  • Health: Do you have an adverse health condition? You may need benefits sooner than later. The Social Security Administration Evanston office can assist. These professionals will help you to make a proper decision. You deserve the maximum benefits amount.
  • Marital status: Are you divorced? Were you married for more than ten years? Have you not remarried? If so, you are eligible to receive half of your ex-spouse’s benefits.

Many of these factors are complicated. You may need a lot of paperwork to prove it. You will likely need help. This is why you should hire a skilled disability attorney in Evanston.

Contact the Hanson & Fisher Law Office to learn about your social security benefits eligibility. These experts will help with the application process. They will help you gather documents. They will even help you appeal SSA decisions about disability. If you have any concerns, ask the experts. We have skilled social security attorneys ready to help.



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