Why Are Social Security Benefits Denied?

There is a multitude of reasons why your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim may be denied. For more information regarding a Social Security Disability appeal in Morris and the surrounding area, contact the law office of Hanson & Fisher today.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies about 70% of initial applications each year. You may be wondering why so many cases do not get approved.

Reasons for Denial

The SSA will deny Social Security Disability benefits if you are unable to prove that you have met their definition of disabled. In order to prove you are disabled, you will need to submit medical records and other documentation to the SSA.

However, many claims during the application process are made without sufficient medical evidence to support their case and are denied benefits.

Our team of Social Security benefits lawyers in Minooka have years of experience with these cases and understand the type of documentation you need to provide. Some examples of records include, but are not limited to:

  • Signed documentation of your official diagnosis
  • Medical treatment history
  • Prescription medication history
  • Visitation logs of hospital stays
  • Diagnostic testing and results
  • Laboratory results

Our law firm recommends asking your physician for a statement that details the severity of your condition and how it has affected your life and ability to work.

Another reason you could be denied is if you earn too much income. The Social Security Administration sets a limit for substantial gainful activity (SGA) each year that you are not allowed to exceed. The monthly limit for 2021 is $1,310 for non-blind individuals.

If you earn more than that amount, the SSA will deny your eligibility for social security.

Your claim could also be denied if you choose to not cooperate with the SSA. If they request additional information but you do not supply it in a timely manner, your claim may be denied.

Another reason we see often is if you do not follow your doctor’s orders regarding the treatment for your condition. If you choose to ignore medical orders, the SSA will see that as you not being fully committed to the recovery process and hoping only to receive benefits from them.

If you’ve had your claim denied, contact our Social Security Disability attorney today to get started on your appeals process. Call now for your free consultation.

Hanson & Fisher Can Help You Get Approved

SSDI benefits are difficult to obtain. The application process is confusing and long, which is why you should never fight it alone! Call the experienced attorneys at Hanson & Fisher to discover how we can help you get the benefits you need to start living a better life.

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